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ALL NEW EXPERIENCE SINCE 2018! Discover the secrets of a farm plagued with tragedy. This winding, mile-long hayride will keep you on edge as you encounter burning mines, a gothic graveyard, lawless backlands and a sideshow of the bizarre…among other sites. Beware, ill-fated spirits inhabit these dark woods and fields.

Quite possibly the most haunted house in Bucks County. MALFATE MANOR is known by neighborhood children as “The House in the Hollow.” If you can escape the old manor, you still must conquer the expansive graveyard and forbidden crypt. To get a glimpse of the moldering rooms and passages VIEW VIDEO.

We have created an ALL NEW FIELD ADVENTURE FOR 2019 and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself. See some of the excitement that awaits you in this video filmed entirely in “The Field.”


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