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“We awarded this theatrical, whimsical and terrifying attraction our coveted Haunted House of the Year award…..the scares are illusions, what you think is real isn’t, what you think is fake isn’t…. the sets were so elaborate that…i would say “Walt Disney World you have some competition”….   I can say without a doubt that this attraction is the adult version of the (Disney) Haunted Mansion…..The House in the Hollow is perfection, it is a masterpiece, it is whimsical, authentic, unique, entertaining and yes SCARY!”


“Each year I am blown away by this place….I recommended this to some friends and they literally bought 3 more tickets to go back in multiple times. It’s that good….these guys are really over the top….we enjoyed everything here…all of these attractions together make for a great family night out.” 

“It’s not every day that you find something as remarkable and amazing as the House in the Hollow….. the level of innovation in this house is mind-blowing…House in the Hollow is impressive, inspiring, magnificent, and worth a long drive to see because you sure as heck can’t come close to this quality level unless you go to Disney World…can’t wait to go back….”


”When I saw the video, I thought it looked cool but that it was probably a bit of an exaggeration on scenery.  Not at all!….this is an excellent haunted house!… I honestly felt like I was in a movie, with the special effects and scenery.  It was incredible!….this attraction has quickly catapulted to the top of my haunted attraction favorites, which is saying a lot!” read full review

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